Come to this house, be one of me!

Le FAQ (in case your parents want to know who the people you’re talking to online)

In case you wanted to see my face:

  • Name: Gabriella
  • Age: 18
  • Country: *obnoxious yelling* USA! USA!
  • What does your URL mean?: Fave singer (Mika) + Fave song by him (Toy Boy) - 2nd word in the song + the word “Girl”
  • I’m currently a freshman at NYU
  • Misdiagnosed with Autism and latest diagnosis was PDDNOS but not very sure about it in the present day


  • Cis-Female (use she/her pronouns)
  • Straight
  • Not sure if depressed, I’m trying to figure it all out
  • Upper-Middle Class
  • Sexually active
  • Maternal Grandparents were both South African by birth but their families are German and Lithuanian (when it was part of Imperialist Russia)
  • Paternal Grandparents are Canadian but somewhere back in the lineage there are ancestors from Austria (I don’t know alot about that side of the family bc our family situation is complicated)
  • My maternal family moved to the US (specifically NY and then FL in the 90s) from South Africa back in the 70s bc Apartheid
  • In terms of religion, I’m Jewish but I consider myself an agnostic
  • Biological dad doesn’t care about me or my sister (daddy issues shhhhhhhh)
  • Anything else?: Just message me, I always answer back! If anything else you guys really want to know about me that gets asked frequently, I’ll put it on this page!

Ahava v’shalom l’olam!!!!!!!!